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Toronto, ON
reply to urbanriot

Re: Giganews less reliable, best alternative?

Having missing blocks is where the block accounts acting as fill servers come to the rescue. The more you have from different providers/backends, the better your chance of having them filled and your incomplete becoming a complete.

I too was a Giganews Diamond customer who did not mind paying their price but when faced with a growing myriad of excuses and growing incompletes in the face of a laughable claim of 100% article completion, I decided to switch to multiple providers. I found completions went up and I was able to save some money in the process.

One of the things I did which did help (immensely at first) with the completions when I was with Giganews was designate their Euro servers (news-europe.giganews.com) as my primaries and their US servers as my backup. You may want to give that a shot if you haven't done so already.