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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to J E F F

Re: Roger's Loyalty Gift Card

said by J E F F:

said by VHS:

I got a postcard from Rogers but it only offered $10 gift card. There was a few places to choose from like swiss chalet, sobeys, esso, etc.... I took sobeys.

I got a postcard from Rogers offering me a $1/month subscription to one of their lame magazines.

Guess that's what having 5 services with them gets you. (Cellular, wireless internet, internet, cable and homephone)

I suppose if I downgraded to to nothing I'd get a $200 VISA loyalty gift card...

haha ya I got one of those too. I only have internet with them. You need to cancel your service and during that 30 day grace period till the actual disconnect, they will send you a gift card. Rogers will only be nice to you if you cancel, its called "tough love"