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Bethesda, MD

[Southeast] New Router Required for higher FiOS speeds

As part of a deal for agreeing to switch our Verizon phone over to VOIP and extend our FiOS contract for two years, for an additional $5 a month, we got a significant bump in speed.

From my iMac, connected to the router via ethernet, I am now getting roughly 55Mbps down and about 30Mbps up.

With the MacBook Air positioned about two feet from the WiFi router, I get 21Mbps down and 18Mbps up.

With a new MacBook Retina one room/25 feet away, I get 25Mbps down and 17Mbps up.

Verizon offered to sell us a new router ($80) to take full advantage of these higher speeds, an M1424WR GigE.

Does anyone know if that router would likely provide a significant boost in the speed results of the two Macs on the WiFi home LAN??

Many thanks,


Fresh Meadows, NY

If internet is the only thing that you have from Verizon, there is no need for the M1424WR Actiontec. Its wireless is not on par with most others out there now.

Check out: »www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless···rts/view
Along with other parts of that website.

The actiontec Rev I is the latest version that Verizon offers. It is good, especially with routing/packets per second testing. But only REQUIRED if you have TV service because of the need for MoCA/VOD/widgets/guide data.


Bethesda, MD

Thanks very much for the quick and informative feedback.

Much appreciaed.

More Fiber
West Chester, PA
reply to Gunni

You don't indicate which speed tier you're on. From your wired speeds, I'd guess you got bumped to 50/20.

You also don't indicate which hardware revision of the Actiontec router you have. The rev. E and older are 802.11g only. 21/18 is typical for 802.11g.

To get the best wireless speeds, both the router and your devices need to be 802.11n compatible. The Actiontec rev. I (what VZ offered to sell you) is adequate for 50/20, but as RolteC See Profile said, there are better "N" routers out there.
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't.


Hamburg, NY
reply to Gunni

Your $80 would be better spent on a router that is better than the Actiontecs that Verizon offer. I purchased my own router and see much much much better speeds than I got from the newest Actiontec (Rev I)

There are a few caveats though...

1)The Actiontec needs to be in the mix someplace if you have tv service as part of Fios. There are forums here that can explain this and walk you through it

2) Your internet may be delivered to the router over Coax. This would need to be changed (can be accomplished via a phone call) to ethernet, and an ethernet cable from the ONT to the router may need to be run.


Bethesda, MD

Thank you, Pete.

When I accessed the Actiontec via the Web Browser, I saw:

Coax Status: Connected.
Connection Type: DHCP.

We do not have TV service, just internet.

I'll look into this