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Clinton Township, MI
reply to skeechan

Re: Review it absolutely

Agree, but if you take a couple of other big telecom company’s you have one in bed with Deutsche Telekom and the other with UK multinational mobile network operator Vodafone which may ONLY own 45% of Big red but they are still a non-domestic stock owner that has a say. So, this belly aching by big red SHOULD go nowhere. Sprint contracted out ALL its network services (switch techs) to one of Sweden's largest companies, Ericsson, who handles ALL of Sprints Wireline and wireless network maintenance and NO ONE said a thing about in in 2009. So, why would it be any different to contract out to a non-domestic company to handle your day to day network operations no more a security risk then to allow an ally buy a controlling stake or pump billions of dollars into your network? We see this every time one of these big babies gets the leg up on the other. If Sprint wasn't a threat, AT&T and Vagina wouldn't give a rats behind. But as we have seen, they are worried and they should be.

Ai Otsukaholic
As a user of Softbank and Sprint, I'm all for the acquisition. $20B would do Sprint good and a merging of my Softbank and Sprint accounts even better although the latter is very unlikely to happen.