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Campobello, SC
reply to Bodybagger

[Troubles] Re: I'm about to lose it

Hate to see this man =( You were only up for a few weeks. Things happen but it sounds like they are once again back to being secretive about the issue. Can't believe even after the upgrade they are back to issues in your area. Makes me wonder how long my "Upgrade" will last. Keep us updated. Jitter on the line and horrendous ping times have been my biggest issues as well. You seemed to be one of the first in the forum to receive their 2013 upgrade, this is not a good sign for the longevity of the fix. Hope Aaron can find out what's going exactly and get you squared away.

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
I am starting to wonder if they even have the money to connect all this equipment they bought with stimulus money to the network. Or will it all sooner or later become fancy bird houses?


Sweeny, TX
It's funny...if they put out a call to Windstream customers to voluntarily complete the work for them under supervision of somebody qualified to install all this stuff I bet they'd have all of their upgrades done in six months.

Would never happen but it's a nice thought eh?