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Lynnwood, WA
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Re: Reddit: The Desktop PC is Ready for a Rebirth

said by SysOp:

Consumers who buy pre-built desktops are now flocking to tablets, netbooks, and laptops. The spending is still there, just shifted.

*Some* consumers. But even those that buy tablets or laptops may not necessarily ready to completely give up desktop PCs.

I have 2 tablets, and I mostly use them as portable video players.

I also have 2 functional (and 2 waiting to be fixed) laptops, and I mostly use the working ones on occasions when my desktop is not available.
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Douglasville, GA

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I do have my eye on the lenovo helix convertible tablet, but there's no reason to give up a perfectly good desktop dual monitor setup with a 42" HDTV + 23" IPS in portrait mode.

Recently upgraded a 2007 desktop, dropped in a hex core cpu, plugged in a passive HD 6770 gpu, added a stick of ram, wireless keyboard, wireless touch pad, and wireless mouse. I don't see needing any more power for awhile.

But for the office, I am in the market for some new thin clients.