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Re: How does bonded REALLY work?

Never say never when it comes to Frontier.
James, my area was being fed with T1's until I got on them about low speeds during peak times.
The highest option is the 6mbs and I was lucky to get over 1.5
It took a few months but they upped it to a DS3 and speeds are better.
I live an hour outside of NYC.


Modoc, IN
I've said it many times, but that's a sad situation for backhaul. If there are only 20 customers and they all have 6mbps and are normal internet users, a DS3 would be okay, as it's unlikely they'll all be using full pipe at the same time. But an entire area being fed off T1's is ridiculous. I say ridiculous but I've seen it here on the forums more than once. I want to say Hank also has/had that problem.

I have always been able to pull at least 5mbps of my 6mbps, so either they don't have many DSL customers here or there's enough backhaul.

Living that close to a major metropolitan area and having any less than 10mbps is ludicrous. I say less than 10mbps is ludicrous, but I lived with 768k up and down for about 2 years before Frontier brought in DSL.
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