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Port Byron, NY
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Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

The past couple days haven't been as bad. There is still an issue with their network as I am getting high latency to some local servers, slowdowns all starting mid day until 11PM/12AM. It's been doing this since Friday, Verizon is completely oblivious it seems. Posting in the Direct support section for Verizon is a waste, no one has replied there yet and it's been three days since I posted with several bumps to the thread.

I am just trying to wait it out, I dread calling Verizon only to speak with oblivious script monkeys. Yes I've unplugged my router, rebooted my router, reset it to factory defaults, rebooted the ont, yes it is a problem with the Verizon network, no it is not my problem and no I do not need a tech to come out.
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