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Re: Regional Sports Network fees coming for Midatlantic region..

I thought I had read 50,000. I see from here it is 67,000 households. » ··· ngs.aspx

111,000 in better years
» ··· tings-in

Still, I believe my point stands, that only 1-2% of the population will be watching the new Dodger's only channel, that is charging at least 60 dollars per year in carriage fees.

A tv viewer is worth about 10 cents per hour. If 100,000 people are watching a game, that is about $30,000 per game in advertising revenue they are getting. So they probably get in the neighborhood of 5 million in advertising revenue for a Dodgers season. The other 345 million is covered by carriage fees for the new network which is being paid by all subscribers, even though 98% of them are not watching their games.