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Nashville, TN
reply to malianx

Re: [Equipment] dslam

said by malianx:

Why do any upgrades when you can keep most of your customers paying for a service and not actually provide it? The longer they string you along, the more profit. Their primary concern will always be the share holders, not the customer.

I don't think you read or understood the point of my comments. Specifically the part about increasing total bandwidth to the neighborhoods.
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united state

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Pretty Spot on Actually BlueArcher..

I don't know where they stand, but from some of the fiber trenching guys I've talked to and some Windstream Field Techs I gather Windstream (and I suppose other Major Carriers) are putting more focus on Fiber to the Cell Towers ahead of upgrades to their own networks (IE fiber to remote dslams, actual carts in the DSLAMS moving from adsl(2,2+,etc) or Central Office Equipment.

To the OP. Odds are they replaced the fiber to the DSLAM. If they didn't replace anything else in said DSLAM odds are your still in the same boat; 8500 ft from the CO maybe 3mb at best speeds. Maybe consistent 3mb speeds though