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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
reply to Josh Taylor

Re: They're just letting inter

said by Josh Taylor :

They're begging for internet video to die quicker. Come on people, it's not too late to get outside and read a real paperback book.

The internet experiment will be on the decline and it will be dead quicker.

Actually I'm a cord cutter and the go outside comment is one of the reasons. I have a couple of kids so to much TV is bad also the programming on much of the TV channels is to adult for my kids. Reruns of Two and Half Men at 7 PM is not a good thing, for that matter ever look at what's on ABC family channel??? Not so family friendly.

Any how I use the internet video a lot because I have no cable so for me the internet stuff is going on where but I'm always looking for some good content as someone said ZDTV/TechTV, ya I would like that.