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Hampton, NH

Difficulty porting business line from FairPoint Communicatio

After two rejected attempts to port a customer's business line from FairPoint Communications, I was told to obtain the Customer Service Record from FairPoint Communications. I called FairPoint 4 times today and spoke with various departments and every one of them told me that the "acquiring" CLEC is responsible for requesting the CSR from the losing CLEC. Under no circumstance would FairPoint provide the end-user their CSR.

Has anyone encountered this before? In the end, who had to request the CSR? If it was the end-user (customer), did FairPoint eventually provide the CSR? Right now, I've been advised by the VoIP provider that I'm attempting to port the line to that only the end-user can make a request for their CSR. The acquiring VoIP provider suggested that I file a complaint with the FCC. It just seems like there's got to be a breakdown in communication here. I can't believe that every employee at FairPoint doesn't know what procedure to follow when a customer requests their Customer Service Record. Before resorting to filing a complaint with the FCC, I'm hoping that someone can share their experience which ultimately led to FairPoint providing a copy of the CSR, and the eventual successful porting of the line.

One other notable point, Callcentric successfully ported out one of their other lines from FairPoint 3 or 4 weeks ago. There were no issues with that port order.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Difficulty porting business line from FairPoint

Here is some info directly from FairPoint on their porting procedures (PDF format):
»www.fairpoint.com/document/Attac ··· 7266.pdf

Usually if a CLEC is demanding a CSR it means there is incomplete information and/or a discrepancy.

Can the CLEC for your new VoIP provider tell you the specific info that they need from Fairpoint?

It may only be one item of info, their demand for the full CSR may be overkill.

How old is the phone number? If it is a legacy Verizon (New England Telephone) number that pre-dates the sale to FairPoint, then FairPoint's records could easily be messed up....

Actually, FairPoint's records can easily be messed up regardless.

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Re: Difficulty porting business line from FairPoint Communicatio

said by jhouston21:

...the "acquiring" CLEC is responsible for requesting the CSR from the losing CLEC.

This is correct ... The "acquiring" CLEC is responsible for requesting the CSR from the losing CLEC. FairPoint must "follow the rules" of porting to assure that "bad people" don't steal another person's number for themselves.
said by jhouston21:

...I've been advised by the VoIP provider that I'm attempting to port the line to that only the end-user can make a request for their CSR.

That is not correct, in my experience. An end-user cannot request a CSR from a losing CLEC, ILEC, PSTN, RBOC, or Cellular Carrier ... because that would violate the rules of confidentiality ... giving out personal info to a potentially illegitimate requester.

You did not mention the name of the new VoIP provider. Is it CallCentric? There are several CLECs that have a presence in the Hampton NH rate center, so that should not be an issue ... whether you are porting to CC or another VoIP provider.

FairPoint is a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) ... previously run by Choice One before being bought out by FP. Therefore, your new VoIP provider's CLEC will send the porting request directly to FP ... as opposed to VoIP to VoIP ports where the winning CLEC contacts the losing CLEC.

In the past on several occasions, under circumstances similar to yours, I have requested that my new VoIP provider's porting department forward an "escalation" request to its CLEC (the "acquiring" CLEC with a presence in my rate center) ... which in turn will "escalate" the request with the losing carrier (CLEC, PSTN, RBOC, etc.).

On each occasion (except for one of my porting attempts), this resulted in a response from the losing carrier (not the losing VoIP provider) giving a "reason" for the denial. That "reason" was transmitted through the acquiring CLEC to my new VoIP provider which, in turn, informed me via either email or a Trouble Ticket message. I submitted documentation and/or corrections and ... except in one case where I still don't know why the port failed ... my ports were successful.

So, ask your new VoIP provider to ask its CLEC (in your NH rate center) to "escalate" the porting issue with FP in order to determine the reason for the rejection. FP should send either the CSR (or a reason for rejection) back to the acquiring CLEC which will pass the info over to your new VoIP provider and ultimately you will "get the message".

Most of the time it is a simple matter to correct some misspelled word or a conflicting account address or even a "freeze" on porting out. Ultimately, the acquiring CLEC does have the option of "forcing" a port when the losing carrier is being obstinate ... but they must be vigilant in preventing illegitimate porting requests from nefarious characters.