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Western CO - weird speed problems

I've had problems with my speed all day today, and it seems like I'm unable to get much above 20-30kbps when downloading from servers on the west coast. Other websites will work fine and I'll be able to pull my usual speed. won't load at all. I use the program Steam for digital game purchases, and I can't get it to download at all, or the speed bounces around between 0 and 1,000 KB/s (even though I only have 7mbps). Is anybody else in the Western Slope/CO area experiencing issues?

Going to call tech support if the issue hasn't resolved itself by tomorrow (which it won't) but I'm expecting to get the usual stone wall.

EDIT - Got Speedtest to work after letting it load for 15 minutes, and can confirm that speeds are normal except when downloading from servers located in California. Used Speedtest and Speakeasy both to confirm. Washington is fine, Oregon is fine, but San Francisco and Los Angeles won't go above 25 kbps. WTF is going on?? I'm so sick of dealing with this crap. Last year at this time it was random high pings when connecting to east coast servers, now it's random slow download when connecting to west coast? ARGH!

CenturyLink has a known issue affecting Colorado at the moment


Really? What sort of issue and how long has it been going on? This just started happening to me yesterday, as far as I know, but I haven't been online as much so it's possible I just didn't notice it before that. Everything was fine a week or two ago, though.

Took me 4 hours talking to people in India, Salt Lake, India and Idaho before someone identified that there was a known issue. No scheduled eta for fix - and now they want to close my case.