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Ex .. Ex .. Exactly
Parsonsburg, MD
reply to newbxfinity

Re: Comcast HSI Internet only Price

I have Comcast HSI only and have had for quite some time.

With the new HSI increase that just went thru ... I pay $64.95 a month for 20/2 Performance Tier. I own my own modem so I avoid THAT extortion each month.

Whatever tier you get, if you do not subscribe to their crappy cableTV, you WILL pay an extra $15.00 a month "I don't want your crappy cableTV" tax.

Comcast advertizes this $15.00 a month fee as a "discount" if you DO subscribe to their crappy cableTV ... but in my area, qualifying basic cable is $20.00 a month, because the local franchise & local county government in my area has been in collusion with Comcast to keep prices high for the last 40 years since they get a percentage of EACH Comcast customer fee. It's criminal, AFAIC.

Plan on $65.00 a month and you'll be damn close.