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Arlington, TX
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reply to Konaguy

Re: [TWC] Hawaii (Neighbor Islands) Road Runner Speed Increase

said by Konaguy:

The Road Runner standard tier speed increase (to 15Mbps) for the neighbor islands (outside of Oahu) is likely a few months off. They're almost done reallocating the analog channels. However, they need to add the additional spectrum to the network, which hasn't happened yet. In addition, Oceanic needs to install new CMTS at the head ends.

[The above image is from my SB6141's modem stats]

the upgrades to 860MHz are done they just need to reorganize the QAMs to fit in more Downstream channels and it is possible that they might need more CMTSs but I don't think that they would need more at each one of the headends. They don't have to remove anymore analogs all the amps have been upgraded to 860MHz and they can now reorganize the QAMs to fit in more channels which is already occurring on Oahu.

The whole move of 122.x QAM channels to 134.x QAM channels is part of the DOCSIS channels being added. TWC gained additional spectrum from 125 (801MHz) to 135 (861MHz) for digital use by doing the rebuild and removing the 750MHz amplifiers and nodes.

I assume that all of the channels between 125 and 134 are open right now as TWC was testing CSPAN2 on 131.8 in Aiea HI which means that QAM is open and I am going to assume that 126 to 133 is open as well and possibly 125 unless TWC is already in the process of moving stuff to that range to make room for the additional DOCSIS channels.

since 573MHz and 579MHz are now being used in areas of Oahu I would bet that what is on 573MHz and 579MHz on the big Island will be shifted to new QAM assigments above 121 maybe even the vacated slot of 122 (783MHz) and 123 (789MHz) also I would expect what is on 561MHz and 567MHz to move as well to get to 8 channels statewide.

Live From Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Kailua Kona, HI
I checked my modem stats, which I posted above. My service still only has four downstream channels, so I figure they haven't allocated the additional recovered spectrum yet. I'm planning on bombarding Oceanic to get this speed upgrade done.