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reply to Snakeoil

Re: [iPad] 128 GB iPad 4 incoming.....

said by Snakeoil:

My question is this:
Just what is the actual price difference to the drive manufacturer. How much does it cost them to make each size drive? I can't imagine the difference in cost isn't all that great....

Every consumer product sold is available in slightly different sizes, shapes packages, etc., to provide a varying level of price points.
Think Coca Cola...the soda is the exact same, but if you buy it in a 64 ounce pottle, a six pack, a 16 ounce bottle or a 12 ounce can from the vending machine, the price per ounce differs significantly.
All marketers want to offer products to the widest variety of consumers, such that each group pays as much as they want (for essentially the same commodity).
Hi test gasoline costs the dealer a few pennies more than regular, but at the pump they jack it up 30 cents a gallon, or more.
So, if Apple puts in a chip that costs them $20 more and charges $200 more for the unit...good for them! If the consumer buys it, they profit more...if not, they'll suffer, but it's their decision as to how they'll price the product.
A seat in Yankee Stadium costs more during the playoffs and World Series than it does during pre-season's the same seat, but valued differently by the consumer.
Pricing is fun...Marketing 101 was my favorite course in college.