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« The morality cops
This is a sub-selection from Oh well.

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Re: Oh well.

said by mtnarea :

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said by elefante72:

It doesn't effect you until it does. Even if you don't get a copyright notice, that extra $3 a month they will tag onto your bill for compliance will. You ISP will be sued or legislated into compliance. Do you think the cost of all this regulation and compliance are free? Do you think they will stop at just passive monitoring?

How much of your local taxes goes towards paying the local police? If there wasn't any crime you wouldn't need police so your higher taxes are the fault of the criminals that necessitate a local police force and jail not the cops themselves. So the fault of this $3 fee is that of the people that pirate not the ISP. That is who you indignation should be focused on.

BF69 you're fooling no one.

No, he sure doesn't, does he?!

Sure am glad I don't live any where near his ridiculousness. It might could be contagious!!

The RIAA is just dumb. They've have now had years to get with the times and realize what century this is, yet they still use neanderthal tactics and intelligence!
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