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Kitchener, ON

Teksavvy Cable in St. George/Brantford

I'm at my whit's end with Bell. Long story made short, my service was $24.95 when I first signed up back in 1997 or 1998, and since has gone up to over $75 before taxes and modem rental, when nothing service wise has changed. I have been through 12 technicians in 2 weeks, none of which were able to identify or fix my problem, resulting in a $485 bill for "technician visits". After several hours of fighting with two different supervisors in the Bell executive office, I finally managed to make Bell realize that as far as I was concerned, they could take their crappy service and SHOVE IT!

In one case with a previous Teksavvy DSL service, I was supposed to get a 5Mbit DL/800Kbit UL service, however was only getting about 0.45Mbit DL/130Kbit UL on any speed test. For the record, Bell's stupid technicians blamed the problem with my connection on something inside the house, however I know this was impossible. Before calling Bell, I made sure to check for this. I personally replaced the wiring from the demarc point on the side of the house, and ran the brand spanking new set of wires from there, DIRECTLY to a brand spanking new jack for the DSL modem myself. I even replaced the telephone cord that runs from the DSL jack to the DSL modem. When I continued to have the same problem, I tried a Simmens SpeedStream 5200, 2-Wire 2701HG-G, Thompson SpeedTouch 516, and another modem (don't remember which model), and tried pairing it up both directly to a computer, as well as through not one but FOUR different wireless routers (D-Link DIR-615, Linksys WRT54G, D-Link DIR-855, and a TP-Link router). No matter which combination of modem and router I tried, I was not able to obtain a better result. This had me convinced that the problem was in fact Bell. I switched to Teksavvy Cable at this location, and have never looked back. It was the best decision I had ever made.

I have since switched to Teksavvy DSL for my connection in St. George (among other places) because from my experience, when you call Teksavvy, you will actually get a CANADIAN on the phone who actually speaks English, and they've always been more than willing to help. I'm quite thrilled with Teksavvy's customer service approach actually. My only problem that I have with the Teksavvy DSL here in St. George is that it unfortunately has to piggyback off of Bell. Personally, if I had it my way, I would switch to Teksavvy Cable, both because it is much faster, and because I hate Bell with such a passion that I would do ANYTHING just to cut Bell and their shady business practices out of the picture completely. Only trouble is that Teksavvy currently does not offer cable service in either Brantford or St. George sadly, which means I am forced to use DSL, as I also REFUSE to have anything to do with Rogers directly after my last nightmare with them.

The question here is, does Teksavvy have any plans on rolling their cable service out to St. George and Brantford? I know of several people who will willingly switch over to Teksavvy Cable should they roll this out (myself included). From my experience in dealing with Rogers, their technicians are generally NOT the problem, which makes for the best of both worlds... I'm asking you as a long-time customer... PLEASE!!! Roll this out for St. George and Brantford... I cannot wait to ditch Bell like a hot potato!

Chatham, ON
Hello MrMazda86,

Thank you so much for your high praises for our customer services. Also Please be aware that we are also available on: Twitter (@TeksavvyCSR), Email (Support@teksavvy.com), Facebook, and The Teksavvy Forum »forums.teksavvy.com/

Unfortunately at this time, I have no information or ETA on services coming to Brantford. If any information becomes available, please know that we will post it on our website: teksavvy.com

TSI Jon F (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee (»»TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )
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Kitchener, ON
Damn... I was hoping. Perhaps someone at TekSavvy could plant the bug in the ears of the powers that be that cable service to St. George and Brantford would prove to be quite a lucrative market?

I don't mean to sound like I'm begging, but please, please, please, PLEASE!!!!! I always tend to worry if speed issues should arise because I have actually had to call the police to have a Bell technician removed from my home for making some MAJOR changes to my telephone system inside the house that I did *NOT* authorize, which took me about 4 and a half HOURS to sort through. For the record, because Bell screwed this up so badly and bridged my Bell line together with my VoIP line, I subsequently had to invest in a new VoIP adapter, which Bell outright REFUSED to pay for.

Let's also not forget that Bell took out a perfectly good push-box splitter that I had and instead, tried using some stupid little screw-in wiring box and a whole whack of little red junction connectors, which made a really big mess of my wiring. This is just the tip of the iceberg of my experience with the horrors of Bell, which is the whole reason why I want to give them the proverbial "1-finger salute" and drop them like a hot potato completely.

I would be HORRIFIED if Bell were to ever have to come to this house and do a re-wiring job of any sort. The main reason is that the connection lies within a 9,000 sq.ft. mansion with not one, but THREE Bell lines that run into the basement. From there, the wiring gets complicated because it comes into the house, then runs to what I call "Grand Central Station". This consists of not one, but FOUR 66-blocks mounted to the wall, with a common bridge box above it that the different jumper extensions loop through to complete the circuits all the way across the 4 different 66-blocks.

The wiring doesn't stop in complexity from there. There is one set of wires that runs one of the phone lines directly to the old communications room where there are not one, but NINE different main "trunks" of wiring that lead to the different wings of the house, while another set of wires runs the primary telephone line through the boiler room, where I've spliced in a set of wires to carry it to the old communications room, and continue on to the back wing of the basement, where it then splices 3 ways again. Each one of these trunks has 22 pairs of wires that lead from end to end. ONE of these sets of wires runs the primary phone line up to the 4th floor junction point, ONE of these pairs leads the secondary DSL line to carry it up to the top floor. Another 4 pairs of these wires have also been used to patch in a network cable so that I have my main wireless router up on the top floor to catch the service to the top floor (3rd floor), as well as the 2nd floor, and the network cable runs down this sea of wires to be able to hard-wire the wireless repeater down in the basement in the boiler room (where it's centrally located), as to cover service to the basement and 1st floor reasonably.

If Bell were to ever get sent out here in the event of a problem, there is no doubt in my mind they would screw this configuration up ROYALLY, based on my personal experience. This is one more reason why I want to go with TekSavvy cable, but alas, they don't offer it here yet. TekSavvy has the amazing customer service and technical support, it's just a shame they don't have their cable service here yet. Also, for the record, the second line for the DSL service never used to run up to the top floor. It stopped at the first floor because that line is primarily used as a fax line, with nothing more on it. I had to do all the wire back-tracing, and switch up the wiring pairs to be able to find the creative way of bridging in both phone lines so that I could get a phone signal, and a DSL signal running up to the top floor independently. This is why telecom techs get paid the big bucks.