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Hilo, HI
reply to Fleeced

Re: [TWC] Why did the name change?

said by Fleeced:

You do realize that TWC JUST dropped the RR branding? Yes, all the websites related to the email itself are still road runner branded (Because that's going to magically change overnight!), but none of TWC's internet services are RR branded anymore. There is no "Road Runner Turbo" or "Road RUnner Lite". IT's now TWC Lite INternet or TWC Extreme Internet.

That is not true. Their services are STILL Road Runner. I guess you never access RR Help. I do and it is a still ROAD RUNNER site. Why hasn't that been converted? Taking off the RR logo and changing Help and Member Services to TWC should be easy....but it has not been done. It stiil reflects the Road Runner trademark and the site is "help.rr.com" not "help.twcinternetservices.com" or some else as crappy.

Are you saying that if I go to my account that I won't be able to create a new RR email address? What will it be? We have not been notified that we cannot create any new RR addresses. I now can have 25 email addresses instead the 10 limit when I had standard RR.
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Dublin, OH

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Wow... it's the name of a forum/brand; i'ts not the end of the world.. my god


Better to vent here than to Customer Service, increasing handle time. I've worked for different cable companies and heard all sorts of complaints. One customer stated the last 4 zip code numbers on the return bill address were incorrect, and persistently requested to speak with highest management to ensure the mailed payment would be received. A very long call.