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Edmonds, WA

[FiOS] FIOS Other Services Charges and Credits

Yippeee I just got my first bill and I am greeted with what appears to be a charge that does not make rational sense (now admittedly I am going to call CS soon) but I just wanted to get some advice from the truly faithful before I made that call.

From a viewers stand point I may be just picking on Frontier (but I dont think so) I get FiOS internet at 25/10 and I have a great price. My issue is I expected line items for State County and other taxes that I would be charged not so my line item reads as follows

FiOS 25/10 Dynamic HSI Res my [service date] and a price that is nearly 25% of the advertised price

1) is this occurring to anyone else in my area (that means you EdmondsFios)

2) In words it appears that I am getting a sur-charge above the price I was quoted

3) There is no break out of what equals the charge -

I think Frontier has some ex-plaining to to do when I can them or this is going to be a short lived relationship.

I have surmised that Frontier is like a good lover - you hear everything you want to hear but when you talk to friends of said lover (Customer Service) you hear a different story from each one you talk to ---

Like I tell everyone - I was with my last ISP for 6 years they could just no longer provide me with the service to keep up with my growing online needs - I had always intended to move to FiOS well I am here and love it but I demand clarity in dealing with them -- If they cant give it to me I can not choose (Comcast) the abusive other choice

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Forest Grove, OR
Is it possible it's prorated for five weeks to get your near the start of a billing month? Otherwise, I don't know -- I get TV with Internet and my bill is two pages long, front and back, with items for TV broken out and I think just one line item for Internet. I don't believe there are a lot of surcharges, etc for just Internet -- usually for TV and Phone though.
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Edmonds, WA
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Are you paying a full month in advance plus a pro-rata share of the first month? I am not sure what your question is but purchasing internet 25/10 only should be about $50 a month less any discounts. My plan and your plan can't be compared.

I have the Extreme triple play package on a two year contract. My internet speed is 25/25 and that is what I get on speedtest.com. My bill states the internet charge at $80.99 but I only pay a fraction of that for internet service (about $30 net of discounts). The only applicable internet tax would be sales tax based on contract amount and it should be minor. I believe the amount labeled as "sales tax" is actually an excise tax and the rate is less than 2% of the internet charge. Most of the other taxes are based on franchise service such as TV and phone service. Internet service does not incur federal revenue taxes to the best of my knowledge. The bulk of taxes are related to phone service and the franchise fee for television. If you only have internet, your taxes and reimbursement charges should be minimal - less than $1 a month.

I am not sure this is helpful.

Seattle, WA
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(Turns out I posted this as a new thread. I can't Internet. )

It won't be possible for us to tell you if your suspicions are correct or unfounded without seeing a detailed breakdown of what your bill has for charges.

Virtually everyone goes through "sticker shock" on the first bill. You will always, always pay in advance for any service which can be billed in advance (so, everything but water, natural gas, and electricity). Because all billing companies run on bill cycles, this means your first bill will always be higher than your normal monthly bills. Gotta get that dough up front, you see.

My Frontier bills have been straightforward and they detail where every penny is going. All is likely well, especially since most Frontier quoted rates are "promotional" rates that are adjusted through bill credits.


Edmonds, WA
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Okay folks I hear you so lets me lay out the facts and math on my bill exactly and I will be very clear with my answers

My service started on Saturday Jan 12 - no prepayment required my promo rate for one or two years (my option to extend at end of 10 months for the second year) is set at $49.99 for 25/10

In effect that gives me until November of 2013 to decide what I want it also allows me the option to opt for a better price previously this package was offered at $64.99 Summer 2011.

Back to my current bill

Frontier Monthly Service Charges from 1/11/13 -2/12/13
FiOS 25/10M Dynamic HSO Res Term 1/12/13 -1/11/14 49.99
FIOS 25/25 Loop
FIOS 25/25 Port 0.00
TumTiki (tumtiki.com) Free We will talk about TumTiki someother time
Total Monthly Service Charges 49.99

Other Services and Charges and Credits
FiOS 25/10M Dynamci HSI Res 1/12-2/13 11.67
Total Other SErvice Charges and Credits 11.67
Total 61.66
The mystery continues - After looking closer it slightly appears as a pro-rated charge assessed to a bill that ask for a month in advance - I will take a closer look and I think that after your next replies I will call the nice friends in of FiOS and report my findings back to you -- I think that I will wait til late in the evening so that I can get someone from the home team

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Burlington, WV
You're correct it doesn't make much sense. Talk to Frontier.


Edmonds, WA

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Henrietta, NY
reply to SpiderBrain
I found this number for FIOS customer service areas 877-462-8188. They should be able to answer any pricing questions I would think.