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The Ozarks
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Re: Gas company hanky panky or bona fide glitch?

First to all who have shared what appears to be very useful information to help me understand how gas usage works, etc... I thank you all. I get a sense from some of you that the spike in usage for this current cycle seems normal. That may be but I do wish to reiterate that it is the company who admitted to a glitch in reading the correct usage for my location. That seems to suggest that the usage indicated on my current bill does not all apply to the period of late December to late January. What I actually used for this period, technically speaking, will remain a mystery. I guess I'll have to wait until next year to get an idea.

Secondly, the district manager informed me that the company is going to install (sorry) a gadget on my meter that will allow the reader to get details from the street while inside his truck. This should help in getting actual reading from my meter every month...I guess that's the theory.

Thanks folks.