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Edmonds, WA
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Re: [FiOS] FIOS Other Services Charges and Credits

Are you paying a full month in advance plus a pro-rata share of the first month? I am not sure what your question is but purchasing internet 25/10 only should be about $50 a month less any discounts. My plan and your plan can't be compared.

I have the Extreme triple play package on a two year contract. My internet speed is 25/25 and that is what I get on speedtest.com. My bill states the internet charge at $80.99 but I only pay a fraction of that for internet service (about $30 net of discounts). The only applicable internet tax would be sales tax based on contract amount and it should be minor. I believe the amount labeled as "sales tax" is actually an excise tax and the rate is less than 2% of the internet charge. Most of the other taxes are based on franchise service such as TV and phone service. Internet service does not incur federal revenue taxes to the best of my knowledge. The bulk of taxes are related to phone service and the franchise fee for television. If you only have internet, your taxes and reimbursement charges should be minimal - less than $1 a month.

I am not sure this is helpful.