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reply to Kramer

Re: $100 a year to USE MS Office - lol

Don't get me wrong, I want Outlook, but the costs involved were not allowing the benefits. I wonder if they will ever look at it as an option for the home user.

As for email retrieval, 2007 is giving me and has for some time problems at home with the user credentials, anything improved would be worth looking at.

For work, there seems to be a real issue with user authentication for 2007 and I've had serious SSL folder corruption with reports with it being over some sort of limit - clearing it fixed it. 2010 seems even more of a pain. I deleted the SSL folder contents info regarding images, PDFs, etc and 2010 spat the dummy, what a mess due to the way it works the "live user" - I can't remember the term for it right now, but cleaning the 2007 version against the 2010 version was easy, I'll never delete the contents of the stored Outlook SSL contents folder for 2010 ever again without more research.....what a headache it was.

Maybe that was just my trouble and others do not see it. An improvement would be appreciated.
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