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reply to technocar2

Re: Bell now giving unlimited usage

said by technocar2:

It doesn't matter what the difference or technicalities of it are; you just can't use Acanac's $40 plan for comparison. Its a 1 year term discount, its not the upfront price, just like you can't use rogers 70% off discount or any other discounts for comparison.

Because if you were to compare discounted plans then rogers has cheapest unlimited plans in terms of dollars per megabit.

Acanac = $1.42 per Mbit
Bell = $1.86 per Mbit
Rogers = $0.92 per Mbit

You see there is no point in comparing discounted plans because they are discounted and are not the up front price. Acanac's $40 "might" be good, but rogers' is better!

How are you calculating those numbers?

The lower Acanac price is not a similar discount to Rogers, so you can't compare the two. When I pay for my next year up front, that's it. I didn't have to buy another product and I don't have to stay a customer with them. I just pay the rate and have unlimited 28/1 internet for the year. If you can't afford that price upfront that is about the only negative to this deal.

Over my 2+ years I've paid less than $40 a month for my connection (this includes installation and modem costs, reduced by my referrals). Prior to that with Rogers for the same tier (of course speeds have increased since) I was paying over twice that (including the $25, now $100, to get unlimited). Again, show your math, we may be able to find where you're going wrong and help you understand where the true deals are.