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Blackwood, NJ

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reply to ImpldConsent

Re: Move over mouse, Windows 8 shines with a simple touch

said by ImpldConsent:

Deja vu of 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, W7. There are always detractors of something new. I like the new W8 UI once I got used to it, but, it's not for me right now. Its nice to revert back and forth as needed. I still think W7 is the most stable of the bunch and XP was a close 2nd. Vista was bloated. The only issue I have with W8 is to take full advantage of the latest gee-wizardry, you really need a new PC with touchscreen.

...or just go Linux (Nadia ROCKS) ... XD

There are many redeeming qualities in W8, but forcing a touchscreen-based GUI onto someone who will probably never use touchscreen for his workstation/gaming computer is a little much.

Win 95 was awesome and so was 98. i dont remember that many detractors for either. Same with 2000. ME, XP, and Vista all had their initial failures (ME and Vista never really overcame them) and the haterade was justified. ME stayed a dog, XP really blossomed into a great OS with SP2 and onward, and even Vista is very usable now. At launch, however, there were problems.

Windows 7 was magnificent. Windows 8...it's not that it introduced a new GUI that makes you think differently about how to use the computer, it's that it's only more efficient for the (existing) small % of computers with a relatively new touchscreen. I do not enjoy using touch for a desktop computer, at least not in the current incarnations and probably never for gaming, and Metro/Modern just gets in my way. I absolutely cant stand it. If you bought me a Surface with normal Windows 8, i'd probably enjoy it a lot more, but for my desktop computer, with a 3rd gen i5, 16GB ram, and a 32" LCDTV as my main/only display, it's simply awkward.

I dont think that touchscreen is the wave of the future for desktops. A mouse multiplies motion, requiring less movement per action than using your hands/fingers (whether it's touch or motion-based), and this decreases the time it takes to navigate between and within windows, allows you to keep one hand on the keyboard (so you can use shortcut keys with one hand while moving the mouse with the other) and overall increases productivity. Touchscreen slows a desktop user down.

W8 was not made for desktops. Its that simple.