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Amber Zahner

Light in the Box DIFFICULT!

I ordered a wedding jacket on 1/23/13, payment sent, confirmed, item was marked "ships in 24 hours" very excited. I look to check my order status and it says the shipping date was 2/4/13. Since the item was marked "ships in 24 hours" I assumed that was the delivery date, well it was not. With the order going out on 2/4/13 and a 6-8 day delivery time frame the order would be here 2/12/13. Guess what? My wedding is 2/9/13. I asked about a cancellation request, and I was told that because the request was made 72 hours after payment was made that I was only eligible for a shipping refund. HOWEVER, on their site in their own FAQ - Cancellation Policy section, it states that all coats/jackets etc. are eligible for a FULL refund as long as they're cancelled before the item ships. I really want this jacket, so I try to compromise. Since this item did not go out within 24 hours like it was supposed to, would they be able to upgrade my shipping from 6-8 day to the expedited 2-4 day, and ship the item sooner than 2/4/13? I will take what I can get, so even if they shipped it out on 2/4/13 with an upgrade to expedited shipping I would have the item by the 9th. I also stated that I do not think I should pay the difference in the shipping costs since it didn't go out in the 24 hours as advertised. No response, no answer, no help, no resolution. I feel my shipping upgrade request is reasonable and it would solve the issue and allow me to have my product. I would be a happy customer. If they were this super duper company that they claim to be then they would understand that and be willing to honor my REASONABLE request and help me out.

I still have 2 more days until my item ships, so fingers crossed that they finally see and respond to my ticket I submitted on their site and they can help me out.

Just be sure to read all the fine print before ordering anything from this site.

Amber Zahner
Order Number 2823374 (in case someone @ LITB reads this by Monday)

RIP lil hurricane
Brandon, FL
said by Amber Zahner :

(in case someone @ LITB reads this by Monday)

they will....
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Amber Z
Yea they did and they said they'd give me my full refund. Thank God! They really do have beautiful merchendise but I would advise you give yourself plenty of time for ordering and shipping and correspondence.Hopefully they stick to their word and process the refund.