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reply to goalieskates

Re: Mozilla Recognized as Most Trusted Internet Company--Privacy

said by goalieskates:

... So returning to this "achievement", Mozilla is acting like they won something because it makes them look good. If someone else had "won," they'd be the one crowing. But if the average person or company doesn't recognize and respect the source, it's no more real than my city's "recovery."

I respectfully disagree. When it comes to Internet privacy and trust, the average person most likely won't recognize any source that awards a company's privacy and trust achievements. Not necessarily because such awards are flaky, undeserved, or not real, but simply because most folks have no idea of who is a knowledgeable-enough organization to make a legitimate award. Many professional or trade organizations are top-notch and legitimate, as are their awards, though they're not necessarily "well-known" to the average person. Frankly, I personally have little direct experience with the Ponemon Institute's competency or legitimacy, but I certainly can't dismiss them out-of-hand. From what I understand about them, they (and their RIM Council) appear to be recognized organizations framed around promoting and setting standards for privacy and ethics in all manner of information-rich industries and professions.
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