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Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US

AT&T is in for a rude awakening..

I migrated to a completely wireless setup early last year.
Ported my Land Line to a prepaid cell phone Bluetooth-ed to my existing wired phones.

So far my costs to replace my 30$/mo no frills POTS have been on average $10/mo, plus I get caller ID and Call waiting(another $10) for free.

Same goes for data.. I was paying $55/mo for DSL. But at&t crippled that, so I went wireless on that as well. Saved another stack of money.

It's not a perfect solution, limited 4G Data, but I didn't use that much aDSL anyway, plus I've paid for all my upfront costs in about 5 months. The resulting 60$ monthly savings is just music to my ears.

In a nutshell, At&t/Verizon is in for a rude awakening, as long as their is some sort of competition. (DBS Sat's, Cable, other wireless providers(Sprint/T-mobile), OTA).

These formerly wired incumbents are being lined up for big fall (bankruptcy) as their wireless networking advantages fade and they are forced to compete on services and price without their former guaranteed market subsidies..

If you don't use the internet much it is okay. Software updates alone would drive me way over the caps.


Washington, DC
reply to tkdslr
AT&T and Verizon are buying up spectrum... with wires, it's at least possible to run new ones, but you can't create a wireless service without spectrum. Lightsquared was going to lease a bunch of spectrum to new competitors, but they took a huge risk on cheap near-GPS spectrum and got burned.

Google tried to get conditions attached to new spectrum leases by bluffing $5 billion dollars, but that only goes so far when Powell was the chairman.


Fremont, OH
You could build out the wireless without buying the spectrum. You could even do what Clear did before, and lease it. If you know what you're doing a wireless network would work in most cities.