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Ipad tmo


I have had my iPad on tmobile since September here in Seattle area. Just before the refarm began here, and every place I get 3G is exciting and I pretty much have it my whole commute which is 40 miles north of Seattle! My 3G speeds in Seattle are about 10mbps and when I leave heading north about Lynwood, Everett area I get anywhere from 12-20mbps depending on the time of day! So far better speeds than it was on att hspa+. Sadly lte for att is in my area and lte on att is defiantly fast if not faster than Verizon for sure. My speeds on 3G with tmobile are generally faster than lte on my Verizon android funny enough! So looking forward to tmo lte because it should be theoretically faster than att's. not to mention the northwest and tmobiles spectrum. Tmobile owns so much more spectrum in the northwest than they do in most other parts of the country so that will be a huge hand in lte up near Seattle!