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Ruffs Dale, PA
reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: [PvP] Macros for Rogues (PVP)

I think you meant preparation.. anyway. Fogive me if actual macros aren't formatted entriely properly, im not near a client atm.

Dont use shadow blades and dance in the same burst window.. sure its a little bit of a dps boost, but really takes away from the advantsages of dancing..

Ambush, find weakness allows attacks to bypass 70% armor, shadow baldes is 100% as it does shadow dmg vs physical dmg, you better off staggering the cds though..

personally as almsot every character I have is an engineer I also have /use 10 macrod into my dance / shadowblades as the trinket has a longer cd, and If i stagger them the second still gets a small burst option.

Once prep is baseline you should probably you a burn all cd's macro with prep, that way the cd's you may have missed can get used. (side not that using said macro easily allows opponents to know youve used prep)

#showtooltip preparation
/cast dismantle
/cast sprint
/cast vanish
/cast preparation

A redirct kidney macro is always a good choice. With the next patch this will likely also use a Marked for Death Kidney macro to begin your knock out flurry.

/cast [@focus] redirect
/cast [@focus] shadowstep
/cast [@focus] kidney shot


#showtooltip Marked for Death
/cast [@focus] Marked for Death
/cast [@focus] kidneyshot

Just a few more ideas...

nice irl
Milwaukee, WI

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Same concept as Arsinic's

/cast [@focus] shadowstep
/cast [@focus] kick

Both are off the GCD.


Carrollton, TX
Yeah, I've got A LOT of practice to go. When I post my UI, you'll see what I have key bound so far. Using bg's to get used to them since some of the people I got against suck at pvp anyway or they just extremely out gear me.