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reply to vaxvms

Re: Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3 a.m...

said by vaxvms:

All the nurdly posters here know the ad is for crapware.
BUT the general public keeps hearing the dweeb-wannabe's tell them that they should clean their computer. The wannabe's don't know squat and offer no help. Jane and Joe User, (idiots according to 1 poster), see these ads and dig out the credit card.

Posting here saying it's a scam and fraud and such is preaching to the choir and serves no real purpose. Do something to protect the naive. Tell friends, family, co-workers, neighbors that these ads are snake oil. Offer suggestions and help. If you don't do it these types of bogus ads will keep on coming and threads like this will continue to pop up again and again.

computer illiteracy is not just seniors.........itz wide spread........you can not fix stupid........thatz why you should watch your neighbors trash.............so when they throw away a perfectly good system.........you'll be there to snatch it up ahead of waste management and the like
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