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Springfield, PA
reply to andyjai

Re: Problem with Fios

Yea, same problem exists on east coast too, not just CA.
Slows down alot at night especially. And for me, it's gotten
a bit better last few days, I can stream, but still erratic
download speeds. I did notice the routing 2 hops out from
me changed in last couple days, but core problem still there.

Funny thing, I have an open case on this and a very nice support
person calls me every day to see how things are doing. I
repeat that this is in their network or CO, not at my house
(please don't send another tech!). Have sent him the
traceroutes and explanations via email. I told him, I want
him to call the local manager and get me an answer about
what they think it is - but so far nothing. I just wanted
them to say anything, but get zero response. Network
Techs say it's all fine...(they told me that once). He'll
call tonight and ask me if I have heard anything more about
this problem!

It's either bad routing or over-subscription or both.
I do get decent performance in general, but there are
sites that either hang or I download a PDF and get 1MB/s
- this should not be (where I did not have this with Comcast).

FYI - if you are interested, lob and email to the following
address and yell, this is what I got from the support person.
Change first 2 letters to your state abbrev.


Go ahead try that, opening a case with support is a total
waste of time. Not only will nothing ever get fixed by that,
it just wastes everybody's time.