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Tuscaloosa, AL

RIM waited too long

These would have been interesting devices two years ago. The problem is that there is no established app ecosystem for users. Sure, there will be apps released, and I've seen a preliminary list, but it takes years to build up enough of them to effectively compete with other platforms. Look at Android. It's just recently gained parity with iOS in terms of app selection. And, if anything will be the downfall of Windows Phone, it will be a paltry app selection.

Another issue is the move to BYOD. Employees don't want to carry two devices, so they set up corporate mail on their personal phones. While this creates headaches for companies worried about security, they're learning to cope with it through enforced security policies, and the advantage is they don't have to invest in a bunch of BlackBerries and maintain servers for them to connect to.

Sorry, RIM, but you're a little late to the party. Even Microsoft waited a bit too long, and now the market is pretty much saturated.