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The Antihero

Enola, PA
reply to vaxvms

Re: Yes, that PC cleanup app you saw on TV at 3 a.m...

said by vaxvms:

Tell friends, family, co-workers, neighbors that these ads are snake oil. Offer suggestions and help. If you don't do it these types of bogus ads will keep on coming and threads like this will continue to pop up again and again.

I do just that, and most of my friends and family know to run these things by me or my son before doing anything. But there are a lot of people out there that I'm not in regular contact with who don't know about these things. I was referred by a sister of a friend a few years ago, who had a machine that was so badly infected that I had to resort to wiping the damn thing because when I tried to remove the infections, I lost the internet and couldn't get it back.

One of the many infections was one of those fake virus scanners. When I called her to let her know it was done, she had mentioned the scanner, and told me she had paid for the full version, but didn't think it did anything to help. I just rolled my eyes and told her, "I can't think of a nice way to tell you that you got screwed, so I'm just going to come right out and say you got screwed."