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Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

I have come to the conclusion that different portions of Comcast's Territory yield different results as to Tech Support and/or problems with Infrastructure.

In my area - the Pacific NW, I have had relatively little problem with speeds and dealing with Tech Support. For that I am thankful. Most phone techs are local.

History- First in my area to get Cable Broadband with @Home, later taken over by ATTBI and then Comcast. First had it in 1999 or so. And been with Comcast in some shape or form since. First speed was 1.5. Not sure of the cost.

Chat Support - used once, and will never use it again. It is a waste of time and for the lazy in my opinion. Voice to voice is faster and one can "read" the other party on the line, much better.

Price - It does irritate me, that Comcast offers a special low initial price and then when promo is over, it price seems to jump fairly high. But depending upon what level of service one has, it just takes a call to get a lower price. It is a hassle, but part of the game.

Price Increases - Everyone increases the price without the benefit of any other additional services or speeds. A box of Kroger brand corn flakes is almost 50 cents more today than it was in July without better taste, more volume or anything else added. I do not like it, but have little other alternatives other than DSL, which in my area has its pluses and minuses. Take a gander at the article on the front page of this site today: »Time Warner Jacks Rates Up to 17.6% in Los Angeles "Time Warner Cable has informed Los Angeles area residents that they'll be seeing price hikes as high as 17.6% on broadband and television services."

Your Speeds and other performance complaints
- As to your complaint that you are paying for 20 or 25 and not getting it, what have you done to determine what you are actually getting the Speed you are paying for? Posted Signal Levels, Posted Speed Tests, Do you have the latest Modem to take advantage as to latest technology. Have you run the steps outlined in this FAQ and posted required information? -

»Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »How To Get Help! You may wish to start a new topic, referencing this thread. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks here that are willing to help. They, like me, are just simple users and not associated with Comcast, other than customers.

If I may suggest, based on you first post and subsequent posts, that you go back and address your Speed Complaints.