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El Paso, TX
reply to silbaco

Re: Become HBO

said by silbaco:

HBO's shows cost a lot of money to produce. They take major risks no one else is going to take. There is no way Netflix will produce something like Game of Thrones, which by some estimates cost $8 million per episode.

That's true, GoT is expensive to make. In fact some episodes would've been worth entire movie budgets if they had the money. George RR martin did say he would take donations for those episodes. Which gives me an idea of what the future of high budget TV will be like:

Crowd-funding. Fans of the shows would no doubt support a plea for help like that one and make the show possible. It has worked for a lot of new start ups and i see no reason why it wouldn't work for cultural phenomena like some TV shows.

You have to remember all the areas that technology advancements are affecting before you worry too much, eventually all this stuff converges and makes the impossible possible.