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reply to technocar2

Re: Bell now giving unlimited usage

said by technocar2:

The numbers are fine, my point is you can't compare discount plans.

I used the highest tier from each provider with unlimited usage factored in and highest widely available discount for each provider and rogers comes on top as always since they have the most generous discount. (for bell I just used their bundle discount, for rogers I used their still available 70% off for two years and for acanac I used $40 price for one year)

You can check all the math of you want but the point is for unlimited usage you can't beat rogers at the moment because for unlimited the only thing that matters is dollar per Mbit and rogers has that covered.

Why do you feel that price per Mbit is all that matters. So if Rogers offered a plan with 1million up and down for a $100 000 a month, that's the best deal?

28/1 for $40 a month is an incredible deal for the current situation in Canada. Your math based on top speed tiers per Mbit is meaningless when Rogers top speed tier costs $226 a month, on top of which you need to add $100 for unlimited. Even with a discount, which doesn't reduce the overage charges, paying $160 a month for internet access is obscene.