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Brampton, ON
reply to yyzlhr

Re: Bell now giving unlimited usage

said by yyzlhr:

Not necessarily a fair comparison.

And that's exactly my point; there is no point in comparing discounts plans but if you still want to then you know who is giving the best discount at the moment. Also as far as I can remember there were some new customers who did get the 70% off while some people were rejected, so its not clear cut.

said by Samgee:

So if Rogers offered a plan with 1million up and down for a $100 000 a month, that's the best deal?

Because you couldn't disprove my math, you have to use such a ridiculous example.

When you want to compare unlimited usage plans the ONLY parameter that you can compare is dollar per Mbit, what else can you really compare? The monthly cost means nothing without context!



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The point of my example was that your methodology was flawed. Just because the higher priced plan has a better price per unit doesn't make it the better deal. There are very very few things a person with a 250/250 connection can do that someone with 28/1 can't do that makes paying for the higher tier unreasonable.

Your math may work, but the question then becomes is it really worth paying over $150 a month for something when you could get a very similar service in terms of usability for $40.

If you need 250/250 then Rogers is without question the better deal (only for now since they are the only ones who can offer that). If you need volume and value over speed, Rogers is the last place you should look.