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This is a sub-selection from PSTN Sunset


Fremont, OH
reply to MovieLover76

Re: PSTN Sunset

And before the FCC was given the power to regulate the phone system, it was NOT regulated by them. The FCC was created for air-waves - by the radio stations - aka Clear Channel.


Hazelwood, MO
The FCC was created to do the job congress didnt want to do directly themselves because they are way to busy and being legally bribed through lobbying and worrying about scratching the backs of their business friends.

It should be modified to regulate ALL communications whether airwaves or wired regardless of method because ultimately congress is responsible for that and being they dont want to do it themselves they still need to have in place the regulating body to do so for them. And while they are at it, congress needs to ball up and give the agency the full authority to impose punishment on companies just as congress would if they were actually the ones regulating it.

If they want to pass of responsibility, then pass it off and stop this half-baked method they currently utilize.


Fremont, OH
The FCC had the chance to regulate the Internet, back during Brand X. At that time they decided that the Internet was an Information Service and NOT a communications service. Thus is why you do not see company XXX offering cable internet on Charter or anyone else.

The FCC screwed up and should be gutted and redone. And leave the phone and Internet out of it, especially with the actual POTS slowly going away. We do not need regulation on the Internet and it taxed to high hell like other services.