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reply to zbestwun2001

Re: [DSL] Extremely high pings

While that may be true, I'm mostly referring to online gaming. A 300ms ping to a server in the US is not acceptable. I was pulling a 170 average on dial-up ten years ago.

Chatsworth, CA
Ok, that's a little different.

If you're just using the PING command to send ping packets out to a server, then what zbestwun2001 is saying is accurate: such traffic is low-priority and many servers will procrastinate with regards to responding (which will give you inflated ping test results).

When you're playing a game with an online server, however, the ping time that the server itself is reporting to you in your game console is not the same traffic; it's giving you an estimate of actual latency between you and it, and it treats such as normal priority (unlike the results you get when you run an exterior ping test against the server, outside of the game).

So, if you're seeing high ping times talking to the game server directly from the game UI, then something's going on. Unfortunately, that alone doesn't tell us WHERE the slow-down is occurring; it's quite possible that it's the game server itself that's getting overloaded, for example. If you want to send me a PM with your account info I can have a tech take a look into this for you.