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This is a sub-selection from problems with underlying carrier

Tarzana, CA
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to jacobslive

Re: problems with underlying carrier

said by jacobslive:

ha ha I guess I know who is that sycophant lol

Heh, I saw he picked up a fight with you as well

said by jacobslive:

to get 4.99 price you need to go to whichvoip.com and click on the link provided for phonepower.

Thank you, I didn't know about this site!

said by jacobslive:

Their initial signup price is not deceptive but very fair I believe. If you talking about added tax and service fee, everybody does that, even voipo. Once the initial contract is over then their price is far beyond fair.

Even voipo! What, voipo is now a gold standard for transparency? Well, unlike PhonePower, Voipo doesn't bill you $50 for the second year. What you pay upfront is indeed total cost for 2 years.

$8.33 per month that is in big digits on PP's front page actually turns into $13 after fees (60% on top what's advertised). On the other hand, $14.99/mo that is quoted on VoicePulse's front page turns into $15.89 after 6% sales tax. Funny, that PhonePower is still a better deal than VoicePulse (especially with two lines, softphone and SIP credentials) - but it certainly looks very deceptive!

And my understanding is that $75/year that Future Nine is showing on their front page actually means $75... I am itching for an excuse to sign up with them
Technical problems are more often than not management incompetence masquerading as technical issues

San Jose, CA
Ha, yeah we pick on each other some times, still we are good buddies.

You are welcome!

Yeah I forgot about the second year charge PP has as tax/service fee. Anyways, I don't think I will ever go back to them even if they bring the price down to 1.99/month. There is no customer service, broken applications, broken Caller ID database. I don't feel any itch whatsoever now Matter of fact, I pulled out my second PP adapter and routed the call to VOIPo number and opened a brand new account with VOIPo instead of that I knew PP has 5/mo plan available. Screw them for now!
This is a sub-selection from problems with underlying carrier