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Still looking for intelligent life

Port Saint Lucie, FL
reply to 15444104

Re: ATT = Hypocrites

said by 15444104:

I don't need "unlimited" everything.

Contrary to the belief of executive manglement I have a budget and 45$ IS TOO MUCH and many other consumers agree.

Just because these companies want to give you more stuff you DON'T WANT OR NEED doesn't make it a better value. It is still more than I and others want to pay.

You need to get that concept through your head.

+1 to you bro..... all this 'value added' nonsense is just that... nonsense. It only makes sense to ATT, offering stuff that costs them nothing, or knowing you won't use it anyway just to add 'perceived value'.

I still have just a lil ole dumb phone, cuz if I want to access the web while out and about, well..... my laptop has a much bigger screen that any other type of mobile device, and I only need one. I don't need a 'smart' phone just for of all the useless apps they push, and a tablet to watch video cuz my 'smart' phone screen is too small, or stream Pandora or whatever 24 hours a day.... I could go on..... but ya'll get the gist....
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