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North York, ON
·Bell Fibe
reply to canblue

Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem.

I used to have a grandfathered High Speed that works out to 6 down and 0.6 up. However my father decided to get a TV Pad which kills the upload to 0.2 and ping in the hundreds. I cannot play on Xbox Live with that kind of crap! So I decided to upgrade, customer service said Fibe 25/10 (?) was available for my place.

The tech came and he was very suspicious about that claims looking at all the documents he had. I was watching him testing different profiles. The most he could squeeze out is a 16 down and 5 up profile which had the upload max out at 3.3 and line capacity at 100%. At the end of the hour he settled for the 16/2 plan (15.3 down 1.78 up in and he downgraded me to the Fibe 15/10 plan. I got the same conclusion from the Bell Direct forum with Bell_Dom.

Because of my internet usage of various devices at home, there is no way I can go back to the old High Speed. I was told by the tech that Bell will need to run the fiber to the pole before I can get any higher. If the online availability says I can do FTTH, then I can start dreaming. I like to see upload speed closer to 10 but I don't want to beg for anything that will lower my download speed. Now I can have the TV Pad and uTorrent on and still get 10/1 with low ping.