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This is a sub-selection from Too Little Too Late

Montreal, QC

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reply to CosmicDebri

Re: Too Little Too Late

said by CosmicDebri:

I'm sorry.... am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?? I used to joke about people using voice recognition to send texts...... WHY NOT JUST TALK?????

Because it's way faster for me to use Siri to say "Tell Andrew I'll be there in 5" than it is to find his name in the address book, dial him, wait for him to pick up, say "Hey Andrew, I'll be there in 5 minutes.", wait for him to respond, use the normal pleasantries to end the conversation, and then hang up?

I've never understood the "WHY NOT JUST CALL" people... Do you really not understand the difference between one way and two way communication, or interactive and non-interactive communication?
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oh.... so I guess it's acceptable nowadays to talk AT people not TO them..... that's how I understand your one way/two way communication analogy......

This is what they call 'Social Media' or 'Social Interaction' these days..... once again I have to say... how sad......
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