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reply to silbaco

Re: so we'll all budget for a vpn?

said by silbaco:

Ah. Yes. Buying a VPN so pirates can buy more music than those who don't pirate. If pirates truly buy more, why spend money on the VPN instead of just buying the crap? Sounds to me like some people want to buy VPNs because they know it is cheaper than buying the content they steal.

Back when Napster could have been converted to a $$ PAYING $$ service for unlimited downloads the RIAA blasted them into millions of pissed off consumers some of which were being sued unnecessarily-- that created their own demon of a consumer group-- many generations of which will now be pirates and not consumers.. way to go RIAA.. totally misread that one.

we're probably only 10 years or so away from having nationwide bandwidth putting similar capability into the hands of consumers who will pirate video this way as well.. and lots of parallel industries could fail in similar fashion: cable-tv, video rental, movie theaters, sports subscriptions, etc.