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San Antonio, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to MURICA

Re: Typical Customer Data Usage

said by MURICA:

The big XXX networks all output >150 GB of new content each month.

this is not typical user action no not watching porn,,,watching 150gb of it much less in 1080p

said by MURICA:

It's not true that Netflix never goes above 3 Mbps. Netflix's new HD streams are now 7 Mbps


Netflix Super HD is included for free with your Netflix membership.
Netflix Super HD requires an internet connection with at least 5Mb/s download. Not all devices can play Super HD. Super HD is only available via Internet Providers that are part of the Open Connect network.
Click here to see the full list of supported devices.

so like me you also can not stream this, which is also 100's of millions of internet subscribers.

said by MURICA:

1080p videos on YouTube average 5 Mbps, as do 1080p downloads from itunes

they do not simply put after compression its not even that,,,sorry.
itunes??? can you max your d/l speed from itunes? i dont know i dont use it. now as for 4k video that is completly irrelavent. no consumer tv's that one could afford and to stream true 4k content you would need fiber period..