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Still looking for intelligent life

Port Saint Lucie, FL
reply to jjeffeory

Re: Excited

said by jjeffeory:

I must admit that I'm a little excited. I want a grand scifi show set in space or in the future though... Just something fun and along the lines of shows like Stargate, BSG, Star Trek, Space AAB, Space:1999, Babylon 5, or even Firefly but for today's sophisticated tastes and expectations.

I'm with ya on that score. Good scifi isn't easy to find anymore.....

I do have to take an exception to the comment about 'today's sophisticated tastes and expectations' however.

Have you cruised thru the guide on cable lately?? It's all rednecks, honey boo boos, Kardasians, pawn shops and blank wars, (ie storage wars parking wars, shipping wars, etc).

If that's what's considered sophisticated today.... then we are in big trouble....
Follow Your Bliss -- Joseph Cambell
I reject your Reality and substitute my own! -- Adam Savage, Mythbuster


I hear ya; I was trying to be positive about today's tastes. When you put into context with Honey Boo Boo, it sounds bad! I meant sophisticated "Sci-Fi", with "better" stories and special effects. Ugh, I know what you're saying though...