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This is a sub-selection from Too Little Too Late

Tavistock NJ
reply to sleuth

Re: Too Little Too Late

Yes, too little, too late.

This reviewer says this wasn't a launch, but a funeral.
» ··· ackberry

Today's BlackBerry 10 event wasn't a product launch. It was a funeral. It was clear that BlackBerry had lost the last thing it had going for it: its once-loyal fanbase has stopped caring.

In 2011, BlackBerry phones accounted for just 8.5% of new smartphone sales. By late 2012, this number had fallen to 1.6% In the same time the iPhone's numbers jumped from 22.4% to 48.1%.

"The problem with the Z10 is that it doesn't necessarily do anything better than any of its competition," Josh Topolsky notes, adding that "no one could argue that there's a 'killer app' here."

BlackBerry's pitch today, in 2013, was worse: executives weren't even able to promise the same level of app quality as Microsoft had in March of 2010. Angry Birds and Skype had been "promised" but weren't ready — an especially grim fact when you consider just how long this operating system had been delayed, and how old these two apps are.

Almost every BlackBerry review will end the same way: The phone is good, but is this too little, too late? To understand where BlackBerry stands right now is to understand that this is a rhetorical question. It would have been too little, too late two years ago.

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Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX
Which is too bad, too.

I would've been interested in a more powerful, keyboard-equipped phone. I despise virtual keyboards.
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