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Etobicoke, ON
reply to elray

Re: You aren't paying a "price premium", whatever that

said by elray:

Throttling does stop people from downloading a lot.

Yet I can still download a lot when throttled. I must be working magic.

said by elray:

I'm all for industry offering "high capacity" service with a volume discount where they can to those who want it, and indeed, that's what Bell is doing. But I don't want to pay more for my nominal use to underwrite someone else's consumption habits.

Except it isn't what Bell is doing or what other carries do. Their pricing has never been about what is right or fair for low volume users. They're ripping off the low volume users. Yet you are paying more and that will never change.

The only reason they're offering these options now is to crush their competition and stop people moving to their competition for reasonable options. They have been losing a lot of customers.