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Dubuque, IA
reply to k9iua6

Re: [Cable HSI] CMTS channel moving and DOCSIS 1.1 and 2 modems

said by k9iua6:

So far the only issue I've run into with my modem swap is that right now I can't access for a modem status when I have things connected through the router, whereas I could when I first enabled the modem by directly connecting a computer. It worked before with the same router and the previous modem. I wonder if the downloaded default configuration for the Cisco CM100 from Mediacom disables this IP. I will do some more testing later today.

I just restarted both the cable modem and the router. Now I can get to the cable modem status pages at like I used to, so the two devices just must have been in an unstable state.

I notice with the new configuration and now running D2 protocols that my download symbol rate is different that it was under D1.1. And now when I run speedtests, I actually get to see "speed boost" in action, which I never observed with the previous cable modem. So overall I am impressed with the results from this modest modem swap. I didn't realize for how long I might have been suffering from either a failing or inferior modem setup.

ADDED: I just noticed, looking at the modem status page again, that it is now definitely reporting a different software version than it did yesterday, so I'm guessing my restart just now activated new firmware that Mediacom's system had downloaded, which hadn't been running earlier.


Tyler, MN
Sometimes when you reset the modem, either by power cycling it or a reset button on some, you need to go into the router and under the status or WAN settings depending on your model click release then renew so the router gets the ip from the modem. What i normally do to avoid going into the router config when i have to power cycle is unplug the router, then unplug the modem, plug the modem in and let it get online and running, then plug the router in. It will renew during its boot.


Dubuque, IA
That power-up sequence is what I did. The first day, when I provisioned the modem, I did indeed have problems with the router not wanting to renew until I recycled power a few times. But on the second day, I just powered both down, let them sit for a minute, powered up the modem completely, then powered up the router, and it worked like a charm. It has been stable since.